Awesome Wall Shelving Units with Different Functions

With various types of wall shelving units we can put more decorations in our house. There are so many types of racks and shelves that we can use to perfect our interior decoration. For example there is bay shelving that is adjustable rack we can use to store many things. Usually bay shelving is made from metal like steel or aluminum. Some other bay shelves are also made from plastic. Those bay shelves offer access not only from one or two sides but from the four shelving sides.

Usually bay wall shelving units for living room are used to store heavy items in larger scale and are made from slotted steel angles. The ones that are made from plastic and wood can accommodate the lighter materials. We can use bay shelving as our centerpiece. Then there is angle rack that is categorized in adjustable shelving that is made from angle and is cornered aluminum or steel. Angle rack usually features slotted holes we can use to bolt or peg shelving in right at the intervals according to preference of the owner.

The variations of angle racks are including wall strips, open end shelving, and bay shelves with the angle brackets that are attached to wall. We can use angle rack as wall mounted shelving to store things and to display things. Brackets or wall strips are the next type of wall shelving we can use to decorate our living room. Some wall strips are categorized as angle rack while the other wall strip is the rack on its own. We can attach this rack on our living room by using bracket. Perfect your living room with angle racks that have wall brackets to fix your TV and furniture pieces.

If you need to store extra heavy things in your living room, go get pallet racking that is another form of the angle racks but are made from heavy duty stainless steel or heavy duty aluminum. We can use pallet racking to store extra heavy and large items. Usually pallet rack is used in warehouse but you can put it in your living room if you need wall shelving ideas to store some heavy stuff in your living room. But it will be a bit weird to see this extra strong shelving in the living room since it doesn’t offer versatility for the smaller objects since some of them don’t have the shelving between racks.

That’s all wall shelving units you must know before you leave to find the right storage for your living room. The wall shelving ideas above will show you some different types of shelves you can use to store things while displaying decorations at the same time. Make sure you get one that meets your need.

Description: So many types of wall shelving units are available out there. Here are the most flexible shelving ideas for living room you can use to store and to display things.



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