Beautiful Gray Kitchen Cabinets to Enhance Kitchen Appearance

When it comes to choosing a color to repaint your kitchen cabinets, consider gray. And no, do not imagine that it will end up looking gloomy and drab. Rather, the gray kitchen cabinets can be a truly stylish and refreshing choice to spice up things in your existing kitchen space. With so many hues of gray you can choose from, the choice can be simple depending on your personal preference. Even so, it also has something to do with your kitchen space.

The wide array of hues that the color offers, the gray kitchen cabinets ideas can range from light to dark ones. In general, opt for light shades of gray if your kitchen has limited natural light or small in size. This way, the cabinet color will help bounce the light back into your room, thus increasing the brightness in your kitchen. Meanwhile, deep and saturated hues of gray will absorb the light instead. And since kitchen cabinets make the most noticeable element in the room, the color it shows will always create an impact.

Did you know that gray is actually influenced deeply by the primary colors—red, blue, and yellow? Hence, the influencing undertone or hue can make the color used for the painted gray kitchen cabinets look warmer or cooler. For instance, a gray featuring a blue undertone can appear a steely shade, while a gray featuring a red undertone may look similar to taupe. This is why it’s always recommended to use paint chips when deciding which shade that will work in your kitchen.

Whether it is dark or light gray kitchen cabinets, you can also choose between stained or painted gray cabinets. Painting the cabinets will result in an opaque hue, offering a crisp and even coloration. Painted cabinets are easier to wipe as well. Meanwhile, staining the cabinets will result in a translucent finish. This way, some wood grain can show through. When staining, you can also choose between dark and pale stains. Use the right protective coating and the stained cabinets can be cleaned easily as well.

And if you do not really want to see only gray on your kitchen cabinet surface, then you can also create a mix of colors. Considering the nature of gray as one of the neutrals, your gray kitchen cabinets may easily find the best matching color to use. Even if you go for the stained wooden cabinets or island, for instance, the gray cabinets can still get along really well too.

Description: Gray kitchen cabinets can be found in a wide array of shades possible, from light to gray. You can either paint or stain the cabinets, and gray can be mixed with other color too.

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