Decorative Wall Shelf Minimalize Rack

The use of shelf stacking is takes place in the room. For it is now present new innovations in design simple and practical shelves. In addition because of the narrow room, art factor is also one of the factors driving new innovation in the design of this shelf. One solution to overcome your room into a cramped because of the shelf stacking is to use design as a shelf rack. Decorative wall shelf has been widely used by designers minimalist style house. Apart from the beautiful art, this design does not make you into a narrow space.

Because shelves with decorative wall shelf is designed to stick to the walls of your room. There are so many design options decorative wall shelf. From start to form a box, vertical arrangement, horizontal arrangement, and others. In addition to its advantages in a minimalist appearance, the design of decorative shelf has a weakness, which can not seem to put heavy furniture or goods. Because its design is purposely placed on the walls of the room, it will be dangerous if to put heavy items. In addition to reducing its beauty.

Heavy goods on the shelves of this minimalist can fall due to lack of strong shelf attached to the wall of the room. Decorative wall shelf will make the walls of the house become more beautiful, especially in the living room, family room, bedroom adults and children so that the room becomes more attractive and beautiful and always like to be in the house with a lovely room conditions. Designs using this shelf decorations can give the impression of the narrow room. Decorative wall shelf is one of the design of the walls in a room that utilizes ornaments by utilizing the shelves are arranged to be made in the wall accessories .

And has been designed in such a way that it becomes a beautiful wall accessories and attractive, to be applied in a room in accordance with the we wanted. Because of this design will make your room with accessories wall models with multiple shelves that have been in the decorative and can be installed on the wall. Design the wall with this model is perfect for a small space so that it will give the impression of expanding the use of decorating the room with this stacking shelves. The basic ingredients of accessories wall are of various types and forms of shelves.

Regarding the choice of colors, these designs generally use white color casual and traditional design. Room suitable for use in the design of this design is the family room, living room and the rooms of which you wish to apply to this design. The rooms were decorated with stacking shelves will look more beautiful, beautiful, and widely than ever before that the walls seem cramped. Besides the room look more spacious than before, the composition of the shelf can also beautify the walls of the house because there are different models of designs.

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