DIY Steps in Removing Wallpaper with Fabric Softener

There are many ways that you can do to remove your old wallpaper. Removing wallpaper with fabric softener is one of the easiest ways to remove your old wallpaper. Fabric softener is one of the solutions that you can get easily in any home depot. You can remove the wallpaper by yourself easily. You need to prepare the tools such as fabric softener, dish detergent, spray bottle, wallpaper scraping tool, putty knife, cloth and sponge.

Simple Steps DIY Wallpaper Removal Fabric Softener

What is the easiest way to get wallpaper off? It is a common question that appears in wallpaper removal discussion. You can use fabric softener as the main solution to remove the wallpaper. To remove the wallpaper, first you need to create small holes in the wallpaper using scraping tool. The holes will allow the solution to enter the adhesive base. After that, you can continue to mix the fabric softener and water in a large spray bottle. The amount of the concentration is one to one.

The water that you use to mix the solution is hot water. Try to keep the water as hot as possible for better effect. After that, you can continue to soak the walls. With the spray bottle, saturate one section of the wallpaper. You can spray the wall as much as you can strip in a period because the solution will be dry in minutes. You can wait to start the scarping after the solution soaks the wallpaper for few minutes.

The next thing that you must do on how to remove wallpaper from drywall with fabric softener is striping the wallpaper. You can strip the wallpaper by grabbing wallpaper at the bottom then you can carefully pull it upward. Use the putty knife to help you remove the wallpaper. Repeat these steps for all sections of the wall. You can spray more solution in the wall if it is difficult to pull you can repeat this step in all walls.

The last step for removing the wallpaper is cleaning the walls. You can mix dish detergent and very hot water in a big bucket. You can use sponge to wipe the walls and rub it carefully to remove all traces of the wallpaper adhesive. Then you can rinse it with clean water and cloth thoroughly. These are the steps that you can do by yourself in removing wallpaper with fabric softener in your own walls.


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