Extraordinary Basement Bedroom Ideas with Maximum Comfort

If your house has a basement, it is a great idea to use it as bedroom. If you need basement bedroom ideas you’re in the right place right now. Before building bedroom in your basement you must think about the insulation. Prepare extra budget to get insulation for your basement bedroom walls and you will get comfortable room where you can enjoy good sleep every night. Since your bedroom will be located in the basement, it is important to create the emergency route for you to escape if something bad happens.

Before you start the construction you must check the local codes for building so that you can learn about the escape requirements for your basement bedroom. This is especially important if you’re now considering basement bedroom ideas for teenagers. The escape route is not only important to save our life but is also important to enhance your basement bedroom’s decoration. Large upper window that is escape route for basement bedroom is also going to enhance your bedroom’s view.

Then, make your basement bedroom looks charming by trying our basement bedroom ideas on a budget: leaving the beams exposed. Or you can also leave your basement bedroom’s ceiling unfinished. By doing it your cozy basement bedroom will get distinction feeling. If your basement bedroom is having low ceiling you can add some visual height to make the room feels taller and more spacious. The method above, leaving the ceiling of basement bedroom unfinished your bedroom will get additional visual height.

Make the ceiling of basement bedroom looks higher by painting the unfinished basement bedroom ceiling with dark color. Drywall and drop styled ceiling is able to make the ceiling of your basement bedroom looks taller but they cannot beat the power of unfinished ceiling effect. When placing furniture in your basement bedroom ideas no windows you must be really wise. Avoid placing your bed against the exterior walls since exterior walls will change the temperature.

If you cannot insulate the entire walls of your basement bedroom try to insulate the interior wall where will place your bed and leave the other walls uninsulated. Then choose warm color for the walls of your basement bedroom. The lower levels usually are short on the natural light; to substitute the effect of the sun you can use golden warm color for the walls of basement bedroom ideas. Orange, pumpkin, melon, and gold are the best colors for basement bedroom walls.

Description: If you’re planning to build a bedroom in your basement you must visit us and get our inspiring basement bedroom ideas. These ideas help you to get perfect basement bedroom.

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