Incredible IKEA Appliances Reviews to Get the Best Appliances

IKEA is a famous manufacturer of furniture for our house. They said IKEA is complete department store where you can find anything you want. But don’t buy appliances from IKEA just because they are famous or popular and many people visit them. You must check IKEA appliances reviews and make sure they have quality and durability. Before checking the appliances for from IKEA to your house you must know the one who creates or makes IKEA. Even though IKEA offers Sweden appliances, most products of IKEA are built them in here in United States.

How come the products of Sweden are created by United States and who make IKEA appliances? Actually, the manufacturer of IKEA is known as Whirlpool Corporation that is an appliance giant that is based on Michigan. Whirlpool Corporation is not only producing IKEA but is also producing Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Maytag, and Amana. The IKEA ranges for kitchen will be made in Oklahoma and Tulsa while the dishwasher of IKEA is located in Ohio and Findlay. They also provide bottom freezer refrigerators in Iowa and Amana.

So, even though IKEA has high rate IKEA appliances, the appliances of IKEA that are sold in United States are not made from Sweden. In 2013 the dishwashers moved to Slovenia from Sweden in 2013. So even though some IKEA appliances look so unique and the style is special, don’t shock when you see Whirlpool name instead of IKEA’s name. So many appliances from IKEA have five year warranty. This is awesome since the other companies will offer only one year warranty. The warranty you will get when you buy new IKEA appliances is provided by Whirlpool.

But not the entire products of IKEA come with five year warranty since some IKEA appliances consumer reports said that the Lagan appliances from IKEA come with only one year warranty. But the Lagan appliances have higher price than Amana, Maytag, or Whirlpool countertops. So, before purchasing new appliances for your home from IKEA you need to compare the entire appliances of IKEA with Whirlpool’s similar model.

So many people have bought IKEA appliances and used them for years. Those users have shared their thoughts and opinions on their IKEA appliances reviews. It is really good if you use your time to read those reviews so you’ll see the good and the bad of IKEA appliances you desire. Also check the star rating and make sure it is high enough so you can use the remote again.


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